Midlothian Woods in February of 2012

Midlothian Woods in February of 2012

I’m so fortunate that I’ve had extended visits to Scotland twice in the last few years. All the credit goes to my lovely family in Edinburgh for inviting me and hosting my holiday visits! I met and still stay in touch with many friends of the family in Edinburgh and beyond. I hope to be able to return someday in the nearer to later future.

In the meantime, I began to show my images from those trips, as well as some of my fine art, and images created from my garden projects here at  RedBubble. It is an ongoing process to transfer a lifetime of hundreds, maybe even thousands of 35mm analog negatives and slides into digital images that can then travel the world via the web! But I like to learn new skills and being an artist during the digital revolution offers near infinite ways of seeing one image transform into another through digital modifications.

I am also learning digital photography with a Canon EOS Rebel SLR camera. That’s another story!

Hope you enjoy a visit to my portfolio gallery at RedBubble and share your favorites! Purchases for prints, note cards and more are available.  Support the arts, and make art, not war!


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