It’s a process to learn about what makes a more healthful diet. Since I’ve started growing some of my own foods, I continue to learn more. I have been fairly strict about eliminating GMOs, choosing organic, local, free-range & homegrown, and consuming way less meat!  After all, I am channeling sustainability and creating choices that I believe serve the environment and in turn serve me for the optimal impact that I desire. It’s a process that I make the most of.

I don’t aspire to be a food blogger. I will often link to other sites rather than reinvent most any wheel. The point for me is to achieve a balance that speaks to my lifestyle. Environmentalist, artist, gardener/grower. Activist, community volunteer, searcher and intuitive. I live to walk my path in a way that feels authentic for me.  And I choose to be inspired and to inspire others when I can. So I will occasionally blog about foods that I grow and how I integrate them into my daily diet.

I prefer slow food over fast-food. I won’t go into the brands I boycott…but it’s safe to say more and more folks are being more selective and you probably have your own franchise chains you no longer frequent and in turn are adopting better choices for yourself and your family.

Lately, our household (including one vegan) is getting more raw-food based with Paleo diet selections. We watched author Dr. David Perlmutter of Grain Brain interviewed on The Fat Burning Man by Abel James to learn more. Currently, paleo choices continue to be an important element in the food selections we consume.

Here is how I’ve integrated the Sunflower seed sprouts into a few recent meals we have enjoyed at home.

Bon appétit!

-Below is a traditional hummus made with parsley, sprouts, garbanzo beans, sunflower oil, garlic, with tahini

Hummus superfood!

Hummus with sprouts superfood!

-Dinner plate; local free range eggs scrambled in sautéed spinach (Farmer’s market) & green onions->superfood hummus-> mixed greens, radish and red onion with balsamic vinegar and olive oil-> avocado with Spanish Paprika.

Michelle's dinner plate

Michelle’s dinner-plate

-Finally, a low effort & light meal or midday snack; Baked yam with goat cheese & butter topped with fresh homegrown sunflower seed sprouts.

Baked yam with goat cheese & sprouts

Baked yam with goat cheese & sprouts


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