Kalart was produced in Connecticut USA

Kalart was produced in Connecticut USA

An under-utilized but resourceful way to integrate functional and collectable items into your mix is by tapping local university surplus stores. Institutions like universities cycle out everything from furniture to office supplies and offer them to the public at dramatic discounts via these resale venues. Often refurbished computers, tech accessories, educational tools, and athletic gear and wares are for sale and featured at reasonable costs and they have plenty of wear left in them too.

Over time I will refer to my go-to thrift or charity shops that I rely upon for my wants and needs at home, in the studio or in the field.  It’s a good idea to check facilities like surplus stores frequently or when you are in the vicinity because the best wares have a quick sale turnover. It’s not surprising because they employ marketing tools such as social media to attract their clientele and make them aware of the ever changing items circulating through their inventories.

Today I visited the Indiana University Suplus Stores and found a sweet little gem that had some personal appeal to me, a vintage Craig 8mm Projecto Editor and Splicer by Kalart. The story is that my father,  the late Tony Izzo was an award winning film-editor and I was able to work under his tutelage for a short while and feel the allure of the celluloid and creative process by way of film post production- old school style. Of course it wasn’t quite this old school back in those days, but unlike the folks at the surplus store today, I knew exactly what I was looking at and was able to shed some light on this fun item.

Vintage Craig 8mm Projecto Editor and Splicer by Kalart

Vintage Craig 8mm Projecto Editor and Splicer by Kalart

If you are interested in vintage film gadgets or the film-editing circumstances and techniques of yesterday and sometimes current avant-garde filmmakers visit Retro Thing Vintage Gadgets and Technology and check out this post The Agony Of Film Editing by bohus about an earlier version of equipment made by Da-Brite:

Anyone who’s edited a movie on film knows that it often feels like back-breaking work. The torture chamber designers at Da-Brite introduced this home movie editor some time in the 30’s. It’s design is so awkward that you’ll quickly limp away from your edit session for an early appointment with your chiropractor.”






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