Harvest of early Dill volunteers

Harvest of early Dill volunteers

This year is a garden season plentiful. I relocated in December and started plotting another lasagna style garden this Spring. The property has been transitional housing following the completion of my degree at Indiana University, and for my family members that moved stateside from overseas. About half of the garden is in acquired pots that other growers have gifted me with for services through an internship or volunteer sites.

This Dill (above) was harvested as I thinned out the dozens of volunteers along my previous flat’s garden. That was a lawn to garden foodscape that began with cardboard sheet mulching. Now it is somewhat of a commons garden. So I will visit it and harvest herbs and enjoy tending to it now and again. I will miss the Blue-tailed skinks that garden blessed me with.

I planted many native perennials from seed and some seed even came to me via free cycle. Some plants were grown from propagation and they are all well and good.

So much remains undisturbed and resilient from a harsh Winter. That garden is beginning to bloom and I will post more photos when time allows me. I’m very proud of my efforts and all that inspired me to Grow Food and Not Lawns!

So while the sun shines, I garden. However, look forward to a May updated blog soon and a propagation Rosemary one, and I’ve started a vermacluture compost bin due to a workshop I just took at Mother Hubbard’s Garden.

There continue to be many rewarding ventures in my life with climate and clean energy activism, reuse and freecycle finds, thrifting previously owned and useful wares, networking for and channeling sustainability, and reducing community waste with another volunteer initiative, the Hoosier to Hoosier upcoming sale!

All are each deserving of a blog post! Thanks for checking in and please do follow https://eizzo.wordpress.com.


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