I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve published a blog. But it has.

What a ride this year has been.

And after several moves, I’ve landed!

I’m celebrating my first completed year in Oregon. YAY! I now live in an arts collective in Portland. There is no need to go into all the details today, but it’s clear to me that this was a much needed and right move for me to make. I have found myself launched into (a) movement of all that is meaningful for me. I continue to work on my soulful path of being here while learning to ride the waves of wonder, creativity, mystery and alignment with our amazing Earth Mother.

Last year I got some gourds at the Farmers Market. This year I’m making them into Gourd Rattles. Here is one in progress.

Gourd Rattle by elizabeth izzo 2015

I have about half of my belongings in my combination studio/living space. I continue to edit down my possessions from afar (with my family’s help), after having stored them and while in transition to permanent housing.

Some of my artwork that was unframed and in various stages arrived via a friend traveling out west. I began to work with some older images integrating new media and material – since generated over this past year. A series began that will be called Transformation.

The image below – one of Transformation, is a collage of mixed media – mostly pieced together with digitalized originals that have been developed in Photoshop. The idea for a Cosmic Christ of the Garden comes from the work of Matthew Fox, and my own experience of the Divine.

“Christianity appears to be undergoing a transformation… The shaman appears to be there, at the center now where Christ stood, at the beginning of our colonization. It seems that the shaman is somehow invading the space; the sacred space formerly occupied by Christ so that a marriage, or a fertilization seems to be taking place, between these two symbols of the Self: Christ and the Shaman, as symbols of the Self.”

Cosmic Christ of the Garden by Elizabeth Izzo 2015

Cosmic Christ of the Garden by Elizabeth Izzo 2015

Please visit my current website.

All my best.


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