Exquisite Mandala* –

I had the distinct pleasure to offer this creative and transformative art practice to a private group recently – our second one. I created this practice for the purpose of giving voice to individual expression while coming together to form wholeness around each of our unique contributions. The practice gives homage to the Exquisite Corpse – visual art and literature / poetry.

In times when we all desire and need interconnection, regeneration and can equally benefit from the somatic experience of moving embodied energy into channeled expression, this is a valuable tool. Everyone is a creator and given the opportunity for manifesting art, anything is possible.

I am developing this exercise into a workshop / class and look forward to offering that to the public – starting within the Portland area, in the near future.

So grateful for the healing and evolutionary gifts of integration through art making and creative facilitation. Together we are co-creating a new story.

Exquisite Mandala parts July 2017 facilitated by elizabeth izzo

Exquisite Mandala*, 4 unique parts each contributed by individual artist participants.

Each participant is able to retain their art piece, the part of the whole – thus giving back harnessed energy to carry forwardly as a visual reminder of the experience, and for summoning collective / group empowerment.

Exquisite Mandala whole July 2017 facilitated by elizabeth izzo

Exquisite Mandala*, whole of 4 assembled parts.


*Exquisite Mandala ©2017 Elizabeth Izzo

Please contact me  to arrange a consultation for bringing this creative practice to you or your organization. For more information about the Exquisite Mandala visit my current website.

Artist retail gallery here.


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