Fibonacci spiral sky with trees by elizabeth izzo

Variation of Fibonacci Spiral of Sacred Geometry in trees and sky. Captured through motion effects of still panorama iPhone photography by Elizabeth Izzo


The last days and nights have been spent moving in and out of the old story as the mind and body cling to habitual patterning- wanting to have domination and voice. The healing journey asks us to expand and move and allow energy for transformative manifestation- not unlike any other creative process. Time passes as we wrestle with yesterday’s emotions or tomorrow’s fears all the while knowing that trust and surrender to pure consciousness, flow, present moment living wants and needs to be born and met. Like a seed splitting open and making way for new plant life, we too have a courageous and powerful process to encounter if we are to live our potential. We are all in this process whether we are aware of this or not. The path towards evolution is healing, integration and allowance for creative possibilities to manifest. Tonight I ask to remember to be in (my own) Buddha nature. To let my light shine from within as the interdependent being that I am, in this moment only – the only time that is. Holding you all in my thoughts and heart for all that is divine and awesome in our universe.

buddha with salt lamp by elizabeth izzo

Buddha statue with salt lamp on artist altar by Elizabeth Izzo.


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