Hello and welcome! I am a creative and a facilitator, living with the gifts of a sensitive, empath and intuitive while traveling the path of spiritual evolutionary potential. My blog is a journey of creativity, sustainability, resilience, healing/integration and regeneration.

I believe that healing and integration is our creative evolutionary path – both individually and collectively. While we move into wellbeing, worthiness and wholeness – evolution unfolds in an expansive paradigm shift, and the gifts of revelation guide us.

I work as an Artist, Writer, & Entrepreneur – Guiding and Consulting creatives and entrepreneurs through their own authentic and empowering transformations. I’m currently developing analog technology for integrative and creatively expressive practices for applications in working with individuals and groups. You’ll find me making art, plant medicine & gardening while collective micro living in Portland, Oregon when I’m not engaged with my work. 

self-portrait September 2017

self-portrait September 2017

Permeating transformation and cultivating beauty while living a life of integration transformed through the path of the wounded healer…exploring the cosmology of art, science and mysticism. Of all the possibilities in the cosmic brew of life, what will you make of it? There are only choices. Let life unfold. Live A New Story.

To work with me as an Integrative Guide or Creative Facilitator, please fill in this contact form. I look forward to the journey!



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