Hello! I am a creative and a facilitator, living with the gifts of a sensitive, empath and intuitive.

I also understand that I am a Cultural Creative, and even a Practitioner of Evolution.

I believe that healing and integration is a creative evolutionary path – both individually and collectively.

Currently, you will find me making art, plant medicine, and gardening while discovering my tribe – as my tribe discovers me. I have lived in as many kinds of homes as you might imagine, and now I am trying collective micro living in Portland, Oregon.

Permeating transformation and cultivating beauty while living a life of integration transformed through the path of the wounded healer…exploring the cosmology of art, science and mysticism. Of all the possibilities in the cosmic brew of life, what will you make of it? There are only choices. Let life unfold.

self-portrait September 2017

self-portrait September 2017

My blog is a journey of creativity, sustainability, resilience, healing/integration and regeneration.

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https://twitter.com/whatumakeofitEtsy Shop CicadaWares

First generation college graduate, BGS College of Arts & Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington IN., Chicago native.

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